Brand new feed

Brand new feed

Brand new (and awesome) changes!

Feedback is very important to us. We've dived into the most recent and frequent topics written by you and found many great and constructive ideas. Thanks a lot!

Many of you guys had wishes about the feed in the application, and how it should be easier to adjust. We're happy to announce that we've fulfilled that wish and created a brand new feed for you guys.


Your new feed is divided into the following filters:

0-2 km - What's around the corner?

0-10 km - What's reachable on bike?

0-50 km - Do you have a car? Take a look at the entire region. 

The whole country - 300.000 items for sale every month.

Get started using the new feed by clicking ”filter” which is located in the top right corner in the app. 


A couple of handy advice regarding distance and location

It's a good idea to consider how you want to use the new filters. Are you about to purchase heavier stuff, maybe a new table or chair? In that case we recommend to pick a filter with a shorter distance. Carrying your new table 10 km could be a little over the top. If you frequently sell or buy lighter stuff, the distance should not be of any concern.

If you want to change your own GPS location, then click Settings under the My Profile section.

Keep up the good feedback, guys. We will never stop adoring your great ideas and inputs! We hope you'll love your new feed!

Send us your thoughts, feedback and say ”Hi” at – we're looking forward to meeting you :-) 

Seal the deal

Seal the deal

New exciting changes to your inbox

New exciting changes to your inbox